This time we would like to give you very personal insights of last night. A memory, a recollection of intense surfing experiences in wet, windy conditions. At the beginning of last night, intense rain started. It was nearly impossible to see any display and steering was all about relying on the feeling for the boat.

What makes a good team? A Transatlantic race is not only about sailing. It is quintessential to have grinders, trimmers or good helmsmen, but we also need to preserve our little planet called „Bank von Bremen“ and of course ourselves. So there is a constant metamorphosis going on: Our helmsman Stefan becomes the electrician who fixes the seawater pump.

image2 1Today we have Sunday, our first week is over and we are right in the middle of the Northtlantic, just between Bermuda und the entrance of the English Channel. Wind and boat speed are still low but our mood is high. The time is right to celebrate our "halfway over the mountain (=Atlantic)-Party". Our skipper Melli has announced a funky crew surprise this afternoon. The first guests already showed up: a group of dolphins danced around us. Stay tuned, we will keep you posted.


1028 hPa is first of all just a number. However for us it means wind and boat speed are dropping. This is the time for constant trimming and concentrated helming to push the boat as hard as possible.

People on shore might wonder why our course to the English Channel is not a straight line. The shape is more like a zickzack. Some reasons are the weather system, currents and especially in our region the eddies of the Gulf Stream.