image1 1Today at 11:00 UTC a grey boat of the UK Border Force approached the 'Bank von Bremen' with high speed. They first circumnavigated us while we were sailing under gennaker. At 11:30 UTC they came alongside and two friendly and professional officials of the Border Force entered our boat.

Today (sunday) at exactly 12:00 UTC we crossed the time gate at the entrance of the English Channel. We celebrated this with Labskaus, kosher cucumbers and rum from the Bermuda’s.
Today we have raced 14 days and sailed already 3050 nm (maximum 257 nm per day).

For us a new race has started. We are surprised by the fact that the wind is much more steady than expected. Fingers crossed that the wind will not fade out in the coming night.
We hope that a passing lane will materialize. For the navigation thoroughly monitoring the traffic situation has started. This is now a 'round the clock'- job. Our favorite tanker so far was called „University Moscow“.

(22th July, 15:00 MESZ)

This morning the first fisher boat passed near by. We even heard the first VHF call. Meanwhile we are facing typical North Atlantic scenery. Dark clouds and constant change between showers and clear sky. Last night we really pushed hard to regain as much ground as possible. The 'Bank von Bremen' made good speed with Gennaker and a first reef in the main.

Ecki and Max initiated a bet on our ETA in Cuxhaven among our team.
The estimates range from late evening on Wednesday to late Friday. Let’s see who will win the bottle of rum.

(21st July, 16:00 MESZ)

Last night we had good speed and took another ride on our „magic carpet“. The fluorescent light was so bright that even our sink was glowing. Dishwashing turned out to be magic. The same happened in the loo. Even the water pipes were shining while pumping.

Back to business.
We are most excited

Die Skipperin der 'Bank von Bremen' beim Altantic Anniversary Race (AAR) Melanie Aalburg zieht kurz vor dem Englischen Kanal, nach 2.500 gesegelten Seemeilen und gut 1.000 Seemeilen vor dem Ziel ein erstes Zwischenfazit: Unser Start beim AAR war aufregend. An der Startlinie ging es so eng zu, als ob es keinen Meter zu verschenken gäbe. Wir legten einen Start aus der ersten Reihe hin, so wie wir es uns vorgestellt hatten. In den ersten Tagen konnten wir unter Gennaker hervorragende Etmale ersegeln. Dann stand eine der Schlüsselentscheidungen dieses Rennens an: Entweder über die Nord- oder Südroute den weiteren Weg über den Atlantik zu wählen. Westlich von uns entwickelte sich in der ersten Woche aus einer „tropical depression“ der Hurrican „Chris“.