1028 hPa is first of all just a number. However for us it means wind and boat speed are dropping. This is the time for constant trimming and concentrated helming to push the boat as hard as possible.

People on shore might wonder why our course to the English Channel is not a straight line. The shape is more like a zickzack. Some reasons are the weather system, currents and especially in our region the eddies of the Gulf Stream.

For our youngest crew member (17 years) this race is his first transatlantic offshore experience. On the helm surfing down the waves something incredible happened: A big sperm whale jumped out of the water just in front of our yacht.

There are these creatures that are supposed to be fishes but like Amerika’s Cupper they sometimes fly. Andres was hit by one of these fellows in hin neck, another one jumped right into the face of Percy. And there is of course the story of Niklas. Niklas wondered why it smelled so fishy. After some time he realised that he was sitting on one of them. Beside seeing other sea creatures (a wale, dolphins) we continue to race to the north and completed 254 nm in the last 24 h. Today we did already some repairs on our gennakers and continue to closely monitore the weather situation and the eddies of the Gulf Stream. One of our concerns is how Hurricane Chris will develop in the next hours. We are not running out of jokes. Spirits are hight.


Fuck up. We have in our manoeuvre manual a special section for certain situations you want to avoid but you have to deal with. One of these special situations is when your gennaker wants to become a submarine. Another situation is when the gennaker wants to become a bird and flies to the sky. Because of our manoeuvre manual we were able to deal with submarines and birds. After we educated our gennaker we surfed down the waves and Percy set the top speed mark of 19,4 kn. All are well.