This time we would like to give you very personal insights of last night. A memory, a recollection of intense surfing experiences in wet, windy conditions. At the beginning of last night, intense rain started. It was nearly impossible to see any display and steering was all about relying on the feeling for the boat.

The darkness ahead was incredible. The spray on top of the waves formed bright illuminated lines. One of our helmsman remembers the scenery like being on a magical carpet flying in non charted space. Another helmsman believed to be inside the famous painting of Caspar David Friedrich „A monk at the sea“. Sky and sea were not anymore separated but fused to one threatening mass.

Back to reality:
Melli, our skipper, set a new speed record at 20.1 kn. The fight among the crew is on. Who will be the next speed champion? Today we changed our board time to UTC.

(17th July, 22:55 MESZ)