What makes a good team? A Transatlantic race is not only about sailing. It is quintessential to have grinders, trimmers or good helmsmen, but we also need to preserve our little planet called „Bank von Bremen“ and of course ourselves. So there is a constant metamorphosis going on: Our helmsman Stefan becomes the electrician who fixes the seawater pump.

Andres is the ingenious mind for every imaginable aspect of sail repair. Hendrik (our Moses) is a tireless trimmer and in his second life on our boat a boatbuilder and the man for quick fixes. Eventually, our navigator Johannes took over the position as watch captain from Percy. Percy is currently suffering from an open wund he sustained already at the Bermuda’s. He is now under treatment and observation by our medic and skipper Melanie. We are taking all necessary precautions. He has to rest and we hope for a quick recovery.

Last night was extremely tiring, we had no wind and annoying waves which blocked out all our speed. Since the early morning the wind is back and we are again on our track.

P.S.: The funky crew surprise from Melli was a magical dice. Max is already our champion!

(16th July, 16:38 MESZ)