Just 24 h ago we had an exciting start in Bermuda. Since then we raced 247,4 nm. Everything started with perfect downwind conditions and we enjoyed fantastic sailing. However the conditions under deck were more of a sauna. Melli our skipper was contemplating that she is looking forward to get to the north as she has lots of warm clothes in her luggage. During the night the wind intensified  up to 27 kn. We had to change from the gennaker to a jib. This was an intense all hand manoeuvre and a good team experience. Since the morning the windspeed is increasing an we face showers, squals and gusts up to 37 kn. Spirits are good as we enjoy a speedy journey. The sun is out again and the sauna is heating up again.

The crew of the Bank von Bremen

Text: Melanie Aalburg and Johannes Flume.