Heute vor einem Jahr ist die 'Bank von Bremen' mit einer 12-köpfigen Crew zum Altantic Anniversary Race (AAR) Westbound von Lanzarote nach Grenada aufgebrochen. In einem Video könnt Ihr die erfolgreiche Regatta Revue passieren lassen:

948208C1 CD12 4BC1 B98D 7E90F9C45821 24c3fWir freuen uns Euch mitzuteilen, dass die ‘Bank von Bremen’ heute, Freitag 27. Juli um 16:07 MESZ über die Ziellinie in Cuxhaven gesegelt ist. Die letzten Seemeilen hatten sich trotz gutem Wind auf Grund von Gegenstrom noch einmal zäh gestaltet. 

Morgen nachmittag wird die “Bank” im Sandtorhafen in Hamburg erwartet. 

Herzlich Willkommen zurück Melli & Crew! 

IMG 1813After Dover - the reader might guess - we arrived in front of Calais. The wind went off again and we had time to consider the beauty of nature. Then suddenly five or even six shadows in the water slowly approached our boat. Somebody asked why there is a crocodile in the water?

From the early morning on we did numerous manoeuvres, they all went very well. However our essential thing was missing: wind.
There was only one patch just before Dover were we sailed with about 11 kn.  Apart from that it is again a nerve-racking exercise in low wind sailing.

Currently we are passing the TSS of Dover.
Having enjoyed the scenery of the Isle of Wight yesterday and the cliffs of Dover today, we are now looking forward to a tricky passage along the coast of France, Belgium and the Netherlands. We hope to catch some thermal pressure there.

(24th July, 19:00 MESZ)

image1 1Today at 11:00 UTC a grey boat of the UK Border Force approached the 'Bank von Bremen' with high speed. They first circumnavigated us while we were sailing under gennaker. At 11:30 UTC they came alongside and two friendly and professional officials of the Border Force entered our boat.